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Welcome to Kind Karma® Yoga & Holistic Center

Our center provides a gentle, soothing space where everyone can practice yoga, regardless of body type, experience, age or stage of life.  Our Kind Karma Yoga Team embodies yogic humility, a sense of humor, compassion and kindness.

Our Kind Karma® Yoga studio and online classes, holistic training programs, Reiki therapy services and gong & sound baths, emphasize the importance of healing and personal empowerment.  Our mission is to encourage positive karma, or actions, with the intention to lessen negativity by promoting peace, compassion and kindness – on, and off the mat... where yoga truly begins.

In Peace, Joy & Light,

Dean (Sukh Shabad), Naomi (Lakshmi), Heidi (Ananda), Lauren (Chandra)

"The beauty of  Kind Karma® Yoga  is that its openness comes from the heart; therefore, it's for everyone - no one is excluded."  Dr. Dean Telano

Our Yoga & Meditation Classes
& Teacher Training Courses

adult yoga class

Kind Karma® Yoga. Power, Beginner, Vinyasa, Chair, Cardio Weights Yoga, Lunchtime Yoga. All Levels.

yin yoga pose

Yin Yang Yoga Fusion. Yin Yoga gently releases and lengthens connective tissues of the spine, hips, spine & shoulders. Includes meditation & breathing exercises.

woman meditating by a waterfall

Awaken with meditation classes and training courses in studio and online. The classes are designed for both beginner and experienced meditators. 

children yoga class

Our classes feature active yoga with great music, breathing exercises, sound therapy, mindfulness and meditation.

Sqauts with weights

Our signature cardio strength class builds muscle to make your yoga practice effortless. Using bodyweight, resistance bands & weights with cardio and yoga.

yoga teacher training workshop

Yoga Teacher Training. Open for those who want to teach yoga or have a desire to enrich their own personal yoga practice. 200, 300, 800, 11,00 hour.

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All our virtual yoga, meditation & sound healing classes are live streamed with a professional audio/visual system.

yoga teacher adjusting

In a private class, you can have an individual program that’s tailored specifically for your needs & incorporate the poses to help you achieve your goals.

yin yoga pose
Yin Yoga training courses for those yoga teachers who want to learn, practice or teach yin yoga poses. Beginner & intermediate levels are offered.
Our Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Schools

Certifying Teachers Since 2001

Kind Karma Yoga Teachert Training
Kind Karma Yoga 300 Hour Teacher Training
Kind Karma Yoga Courses and Programs
Kind Karma Yoga Prenatal Training
Kind Karma Kids Yoga Training

"Reiki Lotus Sanctuary"

Energy & Sound Healing Oasis For
Relaxation, Rejuvenation & Restoration
reiki treatment session
We Specialize in Noninvasive, Alternative Methods of Healing
The "Reiki Lotus Sanctuary" is a safe, serene space that offers an opportunity to relax, restore and rejuvenate.  We specialize in alternative methods to reestablish physical, emotional and mental balance and harmony.  Our certified Kind Karma® Reiki Grand Masters are gentle, compassionate and caring.
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Inquire About Our Offsite Services

We are Home to Kind Karma® Worldwide

Raising the Consciousness & Vibration of Humanity

As a humanitarian nonprofit organization, Kind Karma® Worldwide (KKW) was created to propagate positivity and high vibrational energies to help usher in a new earth awakening.  Our mission is to raise the consciousness and vibration of humanity through its holistic initiatives, empowerment programs and community events.

We are shaping our world's future by empowering the present.​

We welcome your support and contributions to the KKW community as we collaborate and engage, to emerge stronger.

"Often our voice is found in our compassionate actions."  Dr. Dean Telano

Hands making a shape of a heart
Kind Karma Yoga Class.