Core Values

Dean Telano founder of Kind Karma

"Kind Karma Yoga & Holistic Center is about inclusion, diversity and holistic SOUL-u-tions."

- From Kind Karma cOMmUNITY Rocks Inclusive Initiative

We are Building an Inclusive Community.

We offer an inclusive space, where we value diversity and the openness to share and propagate the love of yoga with others - teachers, staff, members and our community. We are honored, with yogic equanimity, to be home to World Kind Karma® and Kind Karma cOMmUNITY Rocks! These Kind Karma® global and community movements share a culture and climate of, diversity; inclusion; respect; open-mindedness; and kindness (Maitrī). 

We Practice Seva - A Yoga Way of Being in Service to Others. 

Seva means "selfless service". We take our efforts, discipline, focus and joy (Muditā) on the yoga mat and use that positive energy and creativity on behalf of others - off the mat. We view Seva as Compassion-in-Action and LOVE and LIGHT in action. Moreover, Seva is giving without asking; serving without reward; and volunteering when needed.  

We are Making a Difference through Kind Karma® - A Global Movement from the Heart.

We - Kind Karma® - are on a mission of creating a collective, sustainable culture of love (Prema), peace (Shanti), compassion (Karuna), unity, healing and kindness. Kind Karma® Initiatives are authentically infused with team oriented intentions that are created to transform the world's karma through wellness courses, positive solutions, self-healing modalities, and events of peace and connection. We are creating a global canvas, and person-to-person landscape, of harmony and togetherness.

Kind Karma illustration of earth and heart

Integrity. Authenticity. Humility.

We believe in the importance of integrity, authenticity and the daily spiritual practice of... humility. By acknowledging these three core values, we allow the wisdom within to guide us, as we connect with others and resonate the golden virtues of humility, tolerance, honesty, respect and nonjudgmental mindfulness. 

Holistic Approach.

Our belief is twofold. First, we see holistic healing practices as complementary to conventional care and a key part of integrative healthcare. Open-mindedness, with the sensitive understanding as skilled professionals. Secondly, our holistic multi-method approach is a wonderful opportunity for inspiring personal empowerment; transformative growth; self care; and self-healing. As an example, we promote a holistic approach with yoga where it's not necessarily about the yoga pose itself but the practice of it, and how you are responding to it - your emotions, breath, feelings, reactions, sensations and thoughts.

Heart-to-Heart Connection.

As individuals of HEART, we meet people where they are. We try to motivate, empower and inspire others towards kindness, healing and the very best aspects Kind Karma® Yoga has to offer. To accomplish this, we offer a wide range of classes, training programs, events and holistic services taught by experienced teachers and practitioners who can help to adapt the practice or healing service to the unique set of needs, life experiences and physical variations. 

List of Kind Karma Yoga's core values

"Often our voice is found in our compassionate actions."

- Dean Telano

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