Kind Karma Reiki

Kind Karma Reiki Circle of Light & Compassion

"Kind Karma Reiki Circles create a sacred, harmonious space that combines Reiki healing with compassion. By honoring the circle – a symbol of harmony & unity - and enlivening it with Light, our heart awakens, allowing joy to shine forth. Kind Karma® Reiki Circles are about bringing ALL people together to share in this LIGHT." Dean Telano 

What are Kind Karma® Reiki Circles?

Reiki Circles, sometimes referred to as Reiki Shares, are a group of people who come together to share Reiki, healing and compassion. It is an excellent way to offer Reiki as well as inform and educate those who want to learn more about this healing art. The beauty of Kind Karma® Reiki Circles is that one is different, and produces its own wonderful light, radiance, vibration and healing essence.  

Public or Open Reiki Circles are invitational types of gatherings which allow the general public to come and experience Reiki in a group setting. This setting is  intended to bring awareness to Reiki and to help educate anyone who is curious about learning about healing and Reiki. Reiki healing energy is shared, here. 

Our Kind Karma® Reiki Circles are Intended To:

  • Share in the Light of Compassion, Peace, Love & Kindness.

  • Share a common holistic vision and approach to health and wellness.

  • Build a cOMmUNITY of holistic practitioners who promote peaceful and compassionate resolutions to local and global situations.

  • Provide an opportunity to meditate, clearing and calming our minds.

  • Deepen our connection to the "Divine Reiki Source".

  • Offer the opportunity to experience Reiki and other holistic modalities.

  • Support Kind Karma®, A Global Movement of Creating Kindness.

  • To practice Reiki as a powerful means of healing, self-transformation and personal empowerment.

What to Expect​

We do our best to create a relaxed, comfortable environment for all those who attend. Our Reiki circles include sound healing, breathing exercises, gentle energy movements, meditation and of course, Reiki!

If you do decide to receive a healing, you may be asked to lay on a massage table or sit in chair. You might also be asked to remove any jewelry during the healing session. Participation is voluntary, and at your own comfort level.

Tips for Attending the Reiki Circle​

  • Pre-register. Limited Seating.

  • If you need to cancel, let us know as soon as possible.

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes early. If you need to leave early, let us know in advance.

  • Sign your name on the class sign-in sheet, at the from desk.

  • Turn off your cell phones and any electronic devises.

  • It’s best to wear loose fitting garments or clothes.

  • Let us know of you have any restrictions or physical limitations.

  • Bring an open mind and heart with positive intentions.

Why Should Reiki Practitioners Attend?

  1. Help get involved with World Kind Karma Healing Efforts.

  2. Practice your art of Reiki.

  3. Receive Reiki.

  4. Deepen your knowledge about Reiki. 

  5. Be with like minded people, and part of a Reiki community.

  6. To volunteer for those who need Reiki.

  7. To calm, your mind, relax you body, and restore your energy

Kind Karma Reiki Treatment
Kind Karma Reiki Circle.
Kind Karma Reiki during the Full Moon.