World Kind Karma is Changing the World. Loving Kindness in Action.

Kind Karma's Mission & Goal

Kind Karma® is leading innovative and empowering events and courses that promote a collective wave ofLoving Kindnessto exponentially increase positive world karma. Through Kind Karma'sGlobal Initiatives, we are not just wishing for a kinder world, we are creating a kinder world.

Our events and global initiatives are authentically infused with selfless and team oriented intentions. We are creating a worldwide canvas and person-to-person landscape of holistic health; positive thinking; wisdom infusion; empowerment; and peace. 

We believe, if we can encourage and inspire as many people as possible to create daily kindness karma, we will see less, hostility; unhappiness; inequality; war; violence; sickness; vilification; bullying; war; and animal and environmental abuse. Our WORLD KIND KARMA goal is to generate a powerful collective global energy of unity, love, compassion, peace and kindness.

"Often our voice is found in our compassionate actions." - Dean Telano,

Kind Karma's Global Initiatives (#createkindkarma)

At Kind Karma's main location, Kind Karma Yoga & Holistic Center, we offer the following initiatives:

  • "Earth Gifting". Planet Kind Karma® - Gifting Love, Compassion & Gratitude for the Earth. Earth Gifting is our solution to a healthy Earth and an opportunity to raise environmental awareness.

Kind Karma® Worldwide Initiatives are Creating Positive Karma and Changing the World.

"Authentic Efforts. Global Consciousness. Global Awareness. Global Connection."

Become Part of the World's Big SOUL-u-tion!  Join us and support Kind Karma's Global Initiatives. Together, hand-in-hand, let's change the world. We are inspiring - and, empowering - kindness. Our mission is to provide worldwide initiatives, community classes, and Shamanic themed events that create positive thoughts, words and actions through a collective effort of creating daily Kindness Karma. 

Be Karma Present... The Future is Now.  Walk an Inspired and Empowered Path.

"I believe 'kindness' is contained inside our human DNA; it is our shared genetic spirituality and connectivity. We are born with this 'kind' of DNA (I call it, 'Cosmic Encoding'), and hence it's our birthright, as well as human and spiritual obligation, to 'act' upon it. When we approach our own lives from authentic 'kindness' - and resonate with this TRUTH - we have the infinite ability, potential and desire to make positive, beautiful, and inspiring changes in the world." - Dean Telano

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