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Kind Karma Yoga - Of the Heart with a Karmic Flair. Yoga Training Programs.

"Kind Karma® Yoga & Meditation Teacher Training, Classes, Events and Worldwide Initiatives are about inspiring people to create positive karma and cultivate self-empowerment. Our programs and services emphasize holistic well being and are designed to restore harmony to the Mind, Body, Emotions, Spirit & HEART." - Dr. Dean Telano,

Kind Karma Yoga Training is a Necessary Holistic Yoga for Today's World and... Tomorrow's Future!

Namaste. We have been professionally offering yoga and meditation teacher certification since 2001, for 19 years. We believe learning to teach yoga can be educational, inspirational and joyful.​ It's also our belief that yoga should be taught in a professional and encouraging environment that offers the necessary skillset, confidence and inspiration to teach and share yoga. 

Graduates from our Kind Karma® Yoga, Awaken with Meditation and Gong & Sound Training Programs are currently teaching all over the world, including such places as Ecuador, Costa Rica, South Africa, Japan, Canada, California, Colorado, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, New York and Long Island.

Kind Karma® Yoga is a Heart-Centered Yoga because it incorporates heart-based practices that promote positivity, healing and self empowerment. This holistic style of yoga awakens our innate creative and healing energies by combining traditional, contemporary and innovative techniques.

Our Kind Karma® Yoga & Meditation School Motto is to: "Motivate, Empower, Inspire" (Měi: Beauty).


Kind Karma® Yoga Teacher Training & Awaken with Meditation Courses (#kindkarmaholistic)

Kind Karma® Yoga Training

  • 200 Hour Kind Karma® Yoga Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Registered School- RYS 200).

  • 300 Hour Kind Karma® Teacher Training (Yoga Alliance Registered School - RYS 300).

  • Kind Karma® Kids Yoga Training. (Yoga Alliance Registered School - RCYS). Begins with a Foundation Course.

  • 85 Hour Prenatal Yoga (Yoga Alliance Registered School - RPYS). Offered soon.

  • Yoga Alliance CE Provider for RYTs (YACEP).


Kind Karma® Yoga In-Depth Training

  • If a student desires to deepen their yoga training, knowledge or personal yoga practice with Kind Karma® Yoga, we offer 800, 1,100 &  1,400-2000 Hour Teacher Training. 

  • Includes learning how to practice Covers Rahini Yoga® Healing Kriyas.


Kind Karma® Yin Yoga Training

  • We offer a 3-Module Kind Karma® Yin Yoga Training Program for those yoga teachers who want to learn, practice or teach yin yoga: Module I: Self-Discovery; Module II: Integration; Module III: Inner Alchemy.​


Awaken with Meditation


Gong & Sound Therapy (GST) Training

  • This course is designed for yoga and meditation teachers, energy or sound workers and others who have a desire, or a calling, to learn about sound healing.

  • "Joy of Gong & Sound Resonance Training"Gong and sound as a mystical gateway for personal transformation. No experience necessary.

  • "Gong & Tibetan Singing Bowl Bliss" ​Empowering, playful and creative. Emphasizes how to use the Gong and Tibetan Singing Bowls.

  • "Therapeutic Use of the Gong" - Yoga Poses, Pranayama and Yoga Nidra.


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